Camper for motorcycles, family and holidays

Rimor, since the 70's, deals with the production and sale of high quality RV. Over the years, the company has built an excellent reputation until it got to be one of the most important manufacturers in the field.

The RV is a vehicle which, by its nature, is very versatile and allows you to live the way by following only your own interests.
In particular, having in mind motorcycle enthusiasts and motocross athletes, Rimor has developed various models of campers equipped with a garage for transport vehicles. The campers are approved for motocross and motorcycles transportation since the production and allow you to make long trips comfortably.

Since the production of the campers takes place inside Rimor factory, the company makes sure that the RV are built to respond to the needs and pursue the passions of the customers with great efficiency and care. Precisely for this reason even those new to campers, who approached the camper for the fondness for motorcycles or motocross or holiday, can rely on Rimor's expertise in the production of manageable, beautiful and immediate models.

Travelling is a pleasure and the RVs created by Rimor are able to satisfy the needs, of both families and children, as well as of all those who have passions requiring specific equipments, turning the trip into a holiday.